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In this showcase you will find a selection of training courses and exams in the ITIL® EXPERT TRACKS context. 
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iLEARN is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) and an
AEO (Approved Examination Organization) of PeopleCert for ITIL® courses and exams

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For an online verification of accreditations, do a research with iCONS - Innovative Consulting S.r.l. of which iLEARN is a business unit.

The ITIL® Expert level of qualification is recommended for those interested in demonstrating an advanced level of knowledge in ITIL best practice and supporting its use at their organization or as a consultant. Acquiring this level of knowledge offers the candidate opportunities, both on a personal and professional front, contributing significantly to the possibility of having a career in the field of IT Service Management. Candidates who obtain this level of certification meet the primary requirement for undertaking the ITIL Master certification, the highest level of qualification in the ITIL field.

Acquiring the ITIL Expert level



The ITIL qualification scheme offers a modular approach for learning about best practice. This means that candidates can personalise their training pathway combining various training courses in accordance with their own needs and requirements. 

The Intermediate level qualifications are designed as a modular structure divided into two flows:

  • Lifecycle: suitable for those who wish to focus on the individual stages of the life cycle of IT services and gain the knowledge necessary to organize the Service Quality Management practices.
  • Capability: more suitable for those who wish acquiring specialization and knowledge in one or more processes, with particular attention to the execution day to day of ITIL practices and the way in which they interact.

The intermediate course are more detailed of the Foundation and Practitioner levels and each one provides a different focus on IT Service Management.

Online ITIL EXPERT offer

The proposal is based on the intermediate Capability and Lifecycle levels, on the ITIL Practitioner course and on the ITIL MALC course.

The proposal is broken down into various packages to choose according to the number of credits already obtained in other ITIL exams. 
The packages differ by the number of courses and exams provided.

Path choice

It is possible to take all or just a few of certifications of an intermediate module, in accordance with your needs. It is possible to obtain the credits needed to reach the ITIL EXPERT level choosing one of the Capability or Lifecycle paths or combining both modules, being careful not to choos courses whose topics might overlap. To know what courses overlap, see the intormation on AXELOS website (sections Low - Moderate - High Degree of Overlap).
It is also possible to choose the ITIL Practitioner cours in order to obtain the credits necessary to achieve the level ITIL EXPERT. The ITIL Practitioner course focuses on the implementation and continual improvement of the IT Service Management practices and can be an excellent complement to the detailed knowledge obtained on processes.

For any questions about the optimal path, please contact us.

Credits PACKS

To carry our the course and the exam ITIL MALC and become ITIL EXPERT, you must have earned at least 15 credits.
You can choose the package more suitable for you in according to the number of credits already obtained.

ONE PACK  3 - 4 credits * 

Course and exam MALC + 1 choosable course among: Capability (OSA, RCV, SOA, PPO) - Lifecycle (ST, SS, SD, SO, CSI) - ITIL Practitioner

TWO PACK   6 - 8 credits *
Course and exam MALC + 2 choosable courses among: Capability (OSA, RCV, SOA, PPO) - Lifecycle (ST, SS, SD, SO, CSI) - ITIL Practitioner

THREE PACK   9 - 12 credits *
Course and exam MALC + 3 choosable courses among: Capability (OSA, RCV, SOA, PPO) - Lifecycle (ST, SS, SD, SO, CSI) - ITIL Practitioner

FOUR PACK   12 - 16 crediti *
Course and exam MALC + 4 choosable courses among: Capability (OSA, RCV, SOA, PPO) - Lifecycle (ST, SS, SD, SO, CSI) - ITIL Practitioner

FIVE PACK   15 - 19 credits *
Course and exam MALC + 5 choosable courses among: Capability (OSA, RCV, SOA, PPO) - Lifecycle (ST, SS, SD, SO, CSI) - ITIL Practitioner

* The specified credits are those that can be obtained with the combinations of courses proposed for each package.
Please note that each Capability course gives 4 credits, while each Lifecycle course and the ITIL Practitioner course give 3 credits.

It is advisable to avoid overlaps by consulting the information on the AXELOS website.

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